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About Course

Welcome to MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js) Online Course by ESS Institute Dwarka! This course is curated especially for the Hindi-speaking students who want to be a Full Stack Web Developer. It does not really matter, whether you are a beginner or you have any experience, this MERN stack course will surely help you with all the skills and knowledge needed to build a high-end web application for any specialised domain.

The MERN stack is a bundle of framework technologies commonly used to build modern web applications. “MERN” stands for MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js.

MongoDB: NoSQL Database

MongoDB is a NoSQL database that organizes data in flexible BSON (Binary JSON) documents, resembling JSON. It’s engineered to expand horizontally and adeptly manages substantial amounts of unstructured or semi-structured data.

Express.js: Web Application Framework

Express.js is a lightweight and adaptable web application framework built on top of Node.js. It offers developers a minimalistic yet powerful set of tools and functionalities for both web and mobile applications. Its flexibility allows for rapid development, while feature help to fulfil range of application requirements.

React: JavaScript Library

React is a JavaScript library primarily used for constructing user interfaces. Originating from Facebook and continuously maintained by them, React empowers developers to generate reusable UI components. These components can dynamically update and render content in response to alterations in the application’s state.

Node.js: JavaScript Runtime

Node.js serves as a server-side JavaScript runtime environment, allowing the execution of JavaScript code beyond the confines of web browsers. Engineered for speed and scalability, it’s a trending choice for constructing server-side applications. The ability to enable developers to utilize JavaScript for both client-side and server-side components of a web application makes it scalable.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Basic Fundamentals of MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js.
  • Creating dynamic and responsive web applications using MERN technologies.
  • Implement RESTful APIs for seamless communication between the frontend and backend.
  • Develop a solid understanding of server-side programming with Node.js and Express.js.
  • Create interactive user interfaces with React for a smooth user experience.
  • Explore the integration of MongoDB, a NoSQL database, into your MERN applications.

Course Content

React JS

  • Introduction to Mern Stack
  • Installing and setting up React
  • Components in React JS
  • Components in React JS with CSS
  • Event and handling data in React JS
  • Updating list using React Hook
  • React Router DOM
  • React Router DOM Methods
  • Redirecting with the help of React router DOM
  • Adding Header in our Projects
  • Adding Navigation Menu in our Projects
  • Adding CSS to my Nav Bar
  • Introducing Font awesome in our Project
  • Providing Functionality to our user icon
  • Adding CSS to my User Form
  • Adding User Login form to our Website
  • Link in React Router DOM
  • Adding Dummy Places to our Website
  • Adding Components for UserPleaces
  • Use Prams React Hook to fetch dynamic Parameters
  • Applying CSS to Userplace Page

Mongo DB

Node Js

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